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Announcing Spin Into Spring!

We are incredibly excited to host this year's annual Spin into Spring exhibition on Saturday, March 13, at 4pm at the Onalaska Omni Center. Each skater who is interested is invited to perform a solo of their choice to show off their hard work!

The purpose of the exhibition is to promote a fun experience for all of our skaters, particularly after a year of their hard work and dedication. We strongly believe giving our skaters the opportunity to perform is a great way to share their love of skating as we generate enthusiasm for the sport.

Skaters have the option of performing a solo (competitive program, showcase, or themed music) or can organize a duet/trio of their choice during contract ice time.

Skaters are responsible for providing their own costume and can practice selection on contract ice time.

Each skater will be allowed up to four family members attend the event. The show is free to participate and attend.

Please contact your private coach before committing your skater. Registration is due by Sunday, March 7. Questions can be emailed to


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