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August 2023 Summer Camp

Join us for two days of on- and off- ice classes and private lessons with guest coaches Cameron Claire and Michelle Hedges!

The Tri-State Toe Picks strives to provide on and off ice experiences, encouraging the participation of all ages toward achievements in ice skating sports, and fosters the development of life skills. ​

During this summer camp, athletes will learn and refine technique in their jumps and spins, develop their Skating Skills, and enhance their performance capabilities.

Skaters must have passed Pre-Free Skate to attend. Visit for more information on our Learn to Skate camp happening on Saturday, Aug. 19!


        When: 8am - 4pm on Thursday, Aug. 17 - Friday, Aug. 18

        Where: Onalaska Omni Center

        Pricing: $250 for Home & Associate Members; $300 for Non-Members

        Registration Deadline: Sunday, August 13


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